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Work Samples

Business Journalism - Trade Magazines
Craft Alcohol Packaging and Branding - Feature
3D Printed Foods - Feature
Navajo Nation - News
Business Profile - p. 11
Business Trend - Food Imports - p. 20

Product Descriptions
Luxury Towels
Beach Towels

Business Blogs

GourmetNews.com - Olive Oil

Auto Repair 1

Auto Repair 2

Mortgage Company Newsletter

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

This Road Trip Feature follows a high school basketball team on its trip to meet a rival school for a game. The story focuses less on the game itself and more on the adventure of riding the bus and preparing for a Friday night showdown. 

This Newspaper Feature tells the story of an attempt by four students to dig into a 100-year-old gold mine.  (Part 1)   (Part 2)

Here is a sample News Article - Part 1Scroll to middle of page and see, 'West Stanly Names New Athletic Director'. Click here for Part 2. Also, on the page that contains Part 2, you can see a sample sports story - baseball game write-up.
This Business Profile was written for a national trade magazine in the gases and welding industry. It involved interviewing the company president and writing the story of a thriving present day business that started out as an 1800s Bicycle Tire Factory.

This Business Feature describes a success story in the welding industry.

Medical Web Content
ITriageHealth.com (Site construction in progress)
   GERD - Gastroesophageal Reflux
   Strep Throat

Technical Writing

This Technical Writing Sample is a task used by financial services help desk agents when a customer has emailed stating their payment was applied late. This page also includes a separate section showing the original details submitted, from which I composed the page.

Sports Writing Samples

This Road Trip Story follows a high school basketball team on its trip to play against a rival school. The story focuses on the adventure of riding the bus and preparing for a Friday night showdown. 

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Davenport North American Open Squash Championship
(Full original versions shown below; they include links to the final condensed published versions.)
Tournament Preview
Championship Match 

Additional Sports Articles

This high school Football Game Story recounts a must-win game on the final day of the regular season.

This high school Athlete Profile tells the story of a star running back.

Sports-related News Article (Part 1) and Part 2. The page with Part 2 also contains Baseball and Softball Game stories.

High School
Basketball Game Story.

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