Welcome to WriteIt-CTA and the writing and editing services of David Bernard. I am a freelance writer with experience across many fields. Whether you need business blogging for your company, web content for your website, or help with correspondence, emails and social media, I provide effective, dynamic communication with just the right amount of creativity. If you are looking for magazine writing or newspaper writing, I have an extensive background in business, sports, news and feature journalism as well.

Business Blogging
Composing blog entries that generate interest in and excitement about your company. Your expertise sets you apart from the competition. Let your blog keep the momentum going by giving customers something to connect with. Blogs can be done weekly, monthly, or any time you need to get exciting news and useful information in front of your customers. See one of my Current blogs here.

Web Content
Constructing web pages that not only inform, but capture the interest and purchasing desire of your customers and potential customers. Adding just the right amount of creativity to make your website visitors want more, and help them form a picture in their mind of owning your products or using your services.

Correspondence & Social Media
Whether you need a letter to a potential business partner, or followup on a sales pitch, words make all the difference. Through years of experience composing letters and also rewriting correspondence, I convey to the recipient the high value with which they are held, including the recipient in the process and reinforcing their stature as a true partner.

Reaching out to customers through social media with timely postings and an invitation to be part of something special. Clever entries that keep customers connected to your company, and create a family-like feeling that pays off in the short term, and continues to pay off down the road.

Magazine Writing / Newspaper Writing
My work has been called, “Very skillful in tone,” by a national creative arts magazine editor, and, “Among the best” that several other editors have seen. I have reported on all areas including Business, Sports, News and Features. I am a skilled researcher and interviewer, equally comfortable talking to a CEO for a Business Profile in a National Trade Magazine, or the No. 1 Squash Player in the world for a story on a World Series Level National Tournament. I have a wide ranging background that includes both freelance and full-time staff writing experience.

I have a broad magazine and newspaper background that includes writing for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Los Angeles Daily News; I have also written for a national trade magazine and edited an online trade newsletter.

In terms of business communications, I write several weekly/monthly blogs for businesses, as well as web content. I earned special notice at Capital One for my editing of business web content drafts submitted by Subject Matter Experts.

I have a passion for taking a new business project and creating the most effective possible content, but also enjoy generating new and unexpected stories, such as researching a quest by three boyhood friends to dig into a 100-year-old gold mine for a Newspaper Feature (Part 1 / Part 2); or riding the bus with a basketball team to bring to life a colorful Road Trip Feature.

Whether you have a single freelance project, or you are looking for longterm ongoing writing support, contact me today to discuss details and receive a quote.


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